Who we are

My name is Eloise and I am the founder of VenDirect.  I started VenDirect in 2017, after my dad encouraged me not to get a Saturday job, but to start something of my own.  Keen to indulge my interest in business and my passion for foreign languages I sought a product which could be easily expanded overseas and the idea of vending machines followed. I bought my first machine from saved funds at the age of 16. 


Supporting charities is one of the key foundations on which VenDirect is based.  Therefore, if you choose, in lieu of a rent fee for the machine, we can make an optional donation to a charity -  not only supporting and sustaining a population at home, but also helping those in need all around the world.

Personalised approach

VenDirect offers a unique system, whereby stock is tailored to the requirements of each individual case, with supplies ranging from energy drinks to protein bars, from nuts to pot noodles, each being carefully considered and selected. We also provide waste and recycling bins to minimise the impact on your work environment.

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